NMRbox workshop @ University of Maryland

All content presented here is for individual use only and may not be distributed in any form without permission from the author.  Data sets used during the tutorials are available within NMRbox at /tutorial/workshops/2017-UMD.

> Morning Session - Lectures

Introduction to NMRbox Workshop
Jeffrey Hoch, UConn Health [9-9:15am]

Introduction to NMRbox Project
Mark Maciejewski, UConn Health [9:15-9:45am]

PowerPoint | PDF

NUS Reconstruction with NMRPipe
Frank Delaglio, NIST [9:45-10:45am]

PowerPoint | PDF

[coffee 10:45-11:00am]

Fundamentals of nonuniform sampling
Adam Schuyler, UConn Health [11-11:30am]

Keynote | PDF

Introduction to spectral reconstruction methods
Jeff HochUConn Health [11:30am-12pm]

Introduction to NMRFx
Bruce Johnson, CUNY [12-12:30pm]

[lunch 12:30-1:30pm]

> Afternoon Session - Tutorials

Introduction to NMRbox VM
Adam Schuyler, UConn Health [1:30-1:45pm]

Keynote | PDF

Tutorial: NMRFx Processor
Bruce Johnson, CUNY [1:45-2:30pm]

Tutorial: SMILE
Jinfa Ying, NIDDK [2:30-3pm]

[coffee 3-3:15pm]

Tutorial: nus-tool
Adam Schuyler, UConn Health [3:15-3:35pm]


Tutorial: autonus
Mark Maciejewski, UConn Health [3:35-5:00pm]

PowerPoint | PDF