NMRbox workshop @ University of Maryland


September 19, 2017
9am – 5pm


University of Maryland
Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research
9600 Gudelsky Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

UMD map showing parking and IBBR auditorium


You have 2 options...

> Option #1: attend the full day workshop
    •  FULL - please join us for the morning lectures, see Option #2
    •  Sign up for a free NMRbox account
    •  Register for this workshop
    •  Limited to 20 participants
    •  Must bring your own computer

> Option #2: attend ONLY the morning lectures, NOT the afternoon tutorials
    •  You do not need an NMRbox account to attend...
               ... but why wouldn't you want free access to 100+ software packages?
    •  Register by sending an email to workshop@nmrbox.org

If you have any questions, please email us at: workshop@nmrbox.org


If you are attending the afternoon tutorials, please...

- Know your NMRbox login and password (required).  
     > n
eed help... https://nmrbox.org/forgot-password

- Bring a laptop (required).

- Install RealVNC on your laptop as instructed in your welcome email (required).

- Bring a 3-button mouse (highly recommended).

If you are attending the morning lectures, there are no required prerequisites.


> Morning Session - Lectures

Introduction to NMRbox workshop
Jeffrey Hoch, UConn Health [9-9:15am]

Introduction to NMRbox and Tour of Resources
Mark Maciejewski, UConn Health [9:15-9:45am]

NUS Reconstruction with NMRPipe
Frank Delaglio, NIST [9:45-10:45am]

[coffee 10:45-11:00am]

Fundamentals of nonuniform sampling
Adam Schuyler, UConn Health [11-11:30am]

Introduction to spectral reconstruction methods
Jeff HochUConn Health [11:30am-12pm]

Introduction to NMRFx
Bruce Johnson, CUNY [12-12:30pm]

[lunch 12:30-1:30pm]

> Afternoon Session - Tutorials

Introduction to NMRbox VM
Adam Schuyler, UConn Health [1:30-1:45pm]

Tutorial: NMRFx Processor
Bruce Johnson, CUNY [1:45-2:30pm]

Tutorial: SMILE
Jinfa Ying, NIDDK [2:30-3pm]

[coffee 3-3:15pm]

Tutorial: nus-tool
Adam Schuyler, UConn Health [3:15-3:35pm]

Tutorial: autonus
Mark Maciejewski, UConn Health [3:35-5:00pm]