A molecular visualization system on an open source foundation, maintained and distributed by Schrödinger.


PyMOL is a molecular visualization package that can be used to perform the following tasks:

- VIEW 3D Molecular Structures.  PyMOL has established itself as a leading software package for customization of 3-D biomolecular images, with more than 600 settings and 20 representations to provide users with precise and powerful control.  

- RENDER Figures Artistically. PyMOL boasts an internal ray caster for ray tracing, a graphics technique that enhances shadows and smooths jagged edges to render high-resolution 3-D images.

- ANIMATE Molecules Dynamically. PyMOL's new graphical user interface for movie-making allows users to create molecular animations without typing any commands. Objects and cameras can be moved around a scene in tandem, or independently of each other, to create a movie while PyMOL handles the mathematical details in the background.

- EXPORT PyMOL Geometry.  With one simple save command, PyMOL can export geometry data to VRML, Virtual Reality Markup Language. VRML can be used to generate interactive vector graphics and movies using Maya, PovRay and even 3D printers.

- PRESENT 3D Data with AxPyMOL. Streamlining presentations just became a lot easier with AxPyMOL, a plugin for Windows PowerPoint that enables presentation of 3-D molecular data without having to "tab out" of PowerPoint slides.



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The PyMOL Molecular Graphics System, Version 1.8 Schr{\"o}dinger, LLC.
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