NMRFx Processor

NMRFx Processor


Data processing program utilizing Python for scripts and a full Java based GUI.


NMRFx Processor is a computer program for processing NMR datasets. It will read the raw FID file of experimental NMR data and apply a sequence of processing operations to convert the data values into a spectrum useful for subsequent analysis. NMRFx Processor is written in the Java programming language and uses Jython, the Java implementation of Python, for scripts. The two parts of the name are derived from the names of the NMRView software with which NMRFx Processor shares some low level code, and the JavaFX Graphical User Interface toolkit used for the NMRFx Processor GUI.

NMRFx Processor has a graphical user interface that can be used for creating, configuring and executing processing scripts. The scripts can also be executed in a non-GUI mode on the command line of Windows, Linux and Mac OS computers.




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